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Digital Dynamo featured in MarketingSherpa

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Digital Dynamo was featured in MarketingSherpa for a client case study where our SEO & web design increased conversions, traffic & search rankings.

In the article, “What Is Marketing Optimization: Examples of SEO, CRO, and website speed optimization,” author Daniel Burstein discusses the various marketing optimization case studies, one of which is a case study from Digital Dynamo.

In the article, Marcie Lord, Digital Dynamo’s founder, discusses how they optimized site speed for their client, MEDPLI, which resulted in increased conversion rates, organic traffic, and search rankings.

“The new content, site structure and keyword targeting helped with an increase in rankings, but the site was being held back by its WordPress theme, which was bloated with code and caused the site to score in the red on PageSpeed Insights,” Marcie says.

The team installed a theme on the site that was not as code-heavy and redesigned the product pages. The new designs allowed for more calls to action and user-friendly lead forms.

Marcie goes on to say “Wonders can be done for a website when you try to make it lean with code. Don’t add code-heavy bells and whistles to the website if they aren’t integral to the user experience. Do usability testing to see what IS integral to the user experience.” These optimizations have helped MEDPLI grow its business and expand its workforce and product offerings due to the increased lead flow.

You can read the full article here.

Click here to read more about this insurance client web design case study. If you are interested to learn more about Digital Dynamo’s services, please see our small business SEO services page or our WordPress Development services page.