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Rescheduled: Marcie Lord to speak at the NYC Bar: Establishing a Personal Brand with Digital Marketing

Anywhere from 30%-60% of people who are looking for a lawyer start their search online. Those who rely on referrals to find a lawyer almost always conduct independent research online to make sure the referral is the right fit.

As a lawyer, you need to have a stellar online presence to help bring in leads. As a young lawyer who may one day want to open up their own practice, the sooner you establish yourself online, the better.

On April 19, 2023, Digital Dynamo’s Digital Marketing Strategist & Founder Marcie Lord will speak at the New York City Bar about how lawyers – especially young lawyers – can establish their personal legal brand. Per the event’s description on the New York City Bar website:

What you will learn in the session :

As a young lawyer, it often feels like you don’t have much control over your brand and the direction of your career. But you have more influence than you think, and your time as a young lawyer is the best season to get started. Our panel of experts on marketing and business growth will provide you with inside tips and knowledge you can use to get a jump start on establishing your personal legal brand.

Marcie Lord will discuss the importance of online branding and how to get ahead of others in the digital space. Topics covered include website design, SEO, local SEO, and search engine marketing.

Other speakers at the event will be Keith Emmer, Founder of Startegix and Kelley Joyce, Owner of The Truth at Work.

If you are interested, click here to register.