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Case Study: Website Redesign & SEO for MEDPLI

small business seo case study - MEDPLI

MEDPLI, an independent medical malpractice insurance broker, wanted to attract more clients to their website and make it easy for visitors to get a fast quote for malpractice insurance.

Digital Dynamo began working on an SEO campaign with MEDPLI in mid-2020 and later conducted a full website redesign. The goal of the project was to increase the number of physicians contacting MEDPLI for an insurance quote. To accomplish this, Digital Dynamo and MEDPLI worked together to:

  • Fully redesign of the website to increase conversions and usability

  • Improve the site’s speed and core web vitals to help with SEO and user experience

  • Create and deploy a targeted SEO campaign to improve the website’s rankings and search visibility

  • Develop goals and implement data tracking to measure the success of the website

This project produced fantastic gains for MEDPLI and resulted in a strong partnership with Digital Dynamo that continues today. Below, we share some strategies that helped make this project successful.

Website Redesign

Redesigning the website was a major priority when it came to increasing conversions. Take a look at the website’s homepage before and after Digital Dynamo’s redesign. You’ll notice that the new homepage includes a better call to action and more evocative imagery above the fold (the area in the upper half of a web page that is visible without scrolling).

The homepage also includes keywords targeted to MEDPLI’s client base, a more comprehensive view of services at a glance, and provides increased opportunities for clients to interact with the website through informational links.

MEDPLI before & after of website redesign

Full home page after redesign

Digital Dynamo extended the same strategy across the website’s product, service, and specialty pages, making sure there was a clear call to action (CTA) button above the fold on each page, and an additional CTA at the bottom of each page.

Telemedicine service page after Digital Dynamo redesign

Anesthesiologist service page after Digital Dynamo redesign

Website Redesign Results

At Digital Dynamo, we believe in data driven strategies that produce measurable results. In order to evaluate the success of MEDPLI’s website goals, we set up Google Analytics data tracking to record key metrics. Let’s take a look at how the website redesign impacted conversions. In this case, the goals were defined as completion of one of the following: get a quote form, contact us form, phone number clicks. You can see a significant increase in conversions from month to month after the deployment of the new site.

Trend in conversions from January 2021 through October 2021

Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization

While the aesthetic and usability of a website can help increase conversions, a site’s speed and the health of its core web vitals can greatly impact a website’s seo. Because search engines want to deliver a good website experience to users, a website that is slow to load or has other technical issues hiding in the background is less likely to be shown to users in search results, even if the content is relevant to the search query.

There are a variety of tools that can measure the health and speed of a website, one of which is shown below. These tools examine the website domain and provide a list of issues that are affecting the website’s scores.

Before speed and core web vital optimization, MEDPLI’s mobile score was 7 and it’s desktop score was 36. Digital Dynamo’s technical improvements increased the speed and core web vitals scores phenomenally, increasing the likelihood that search engines will show the website to users in search engine results.

Before Optimization

After Optimization

MEDPLI’s site speed score went from 7 to 94 on mobile and from 36 to 100 on desktop after Digital Dynamo’s technical optimizations and site redesign

SEO Campaign

Digital Dynamo developed a SEO campaign focused on producing valuable website content for medical professionals seeking malpractice insurance. MEDPLI and Digital Dynamo combined their expertise to both improve existing website content and create additional quality content across the website, including specialty pages, tools, resources and guides, and blog posts that addressed the most common topics and questions related to medical malpractice insurance.

SEO Campaign Results

The results of these combined efforts on keyword rankings was tremendous, and continues to grow monthly. Check out the differences below.

Organic Traffic Growth (visitors from search engine results) increased month to month

A snapshot of keyword visibility growth over time. The crown symbols indicate that MEDPLI’s website page is the featured snippet on the search engine results page (SERP) and the star symbols indicate when review schema markup appears on the SERP.

SERP visibility had an upward trend

MEDPLI’s SERP result for the search “telemedicine malpractice insurance” with review schema markup added by Digital Dynamo

National Organic Keywords and Keyword Rankings grew monthly

Prior to Digital Dynamo’s work, the MEDPLI website had:

  • Conversions: undocumented

  • Ranked keywords: 266

  • Average organic users each month: 177

  • Target terms on the 1st SERP: 16

  • Featured Snippets: None

  • Reviews in SERP: None

After working with Digital Dynamo, the MEDPLI website now has:

  • Conversions: Grew by 2,767% and continues to grow

  • Ranked keywords: 377.444% increase

  • Organic Traffic: 1714.69% increase

  • Target terms on the 1st SERP: 246

  • Featured Snippets: 14

  • Reviews in SERP: 168