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Web Design for Insurance Case Study: MEDPLI

web design for insurance case study - MEDPLI

MEDPLI, an independent medical malpractice insurance broker, wanted to improve its website's user experience and make it easy for potential clients to get a fast quote for insurance.

MEDPLI first contacted Digital Dynamo in mid-2020 to develop and implement a seo strategy tailored towards the insurance industry. The original campaign drove so much traffic to the site that the next natural investment was clear – a full website redesign to better fit the growing business’s goals and launch the visitor experience to the next level.

MEDPLI and Digital Dynamo combined their insurance industry expertise and website design prowess to identify underperforming areas on the website and tackle these challenges head-on. Digital Dynamo developed a fresh, insurance industry-focused website design to improve branding, rank higher in insurance-related search results, give users easy ways to access valuable information, and ultimately result in more insurance leads for MEDPLI.

MEDPLI Before & After Website Redesign

Digital Dynamo and MEDPLI worked together to create a modern, streamlined aesthetic that appealed to its target audience. On the homepage alone, we:

  • Created a clearer call to action at the top at bottom of the page to increase conversions

  • Implemented evocative imagery that allows the visitor to better relate themselves the brand

  • Targeted keywords related to the insurance industry to improve seo

  • Clearly displayed the insurance services and products that MEDPLI provides

  • Increased opportunities for visitors to interact with the website

Digital Dynamo delivered the aesthetic, navigation, and technical aspects of the website redesign to drastically improve page load speed times and maximize visitor engagement.

New Page Designs

Updated Home, Product, and States Directory Pages

Results After the Website Redesign

Trend in conversions from January 2021 through October 2021

Before Optimization

After Optimization

MEDPLI’s site speed score went from 7 to 96 on mobile and from 36 to 99 on desktop after Digital Dynamo’s technical optimizations and site redesign

Prior to Digital Dynamo’s work, the MEDPLI website had:

  • Conversions: undocumented

  • Ranked keywords: 266

  • Average organic users each month: 177

  • Target terms on the 1st SERP: 16

  • Featured Snippets: None

  • Reviews in SERP: None

After working with Digital Dynamo, the MEDPLI website has:

  • Conversions: Grew by 2,767% and continues to grow

  • Ranked keywords: 377.444% increase

  • Organic Traffic: 1714.69% increase

  • Target terms on the 1st SERP: 246

  • Featured Snippets: 14

  • Reviews in SERP: 168

This project produced fantastic gains for MEDPLI and resulted in a robust partnership with Digital Dynamo that continues today.

MEDPLI website

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